Painting with Jewelry

Original Up Cycled Artwork

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Jennifer, owner of Painting with Jewelry,  is a New Jersey resident eco-conscience artist who likes to create scenes full of visual and textile interest. Fusing her concern for the environment with her love for creativity led her to repurposing fun and unique treasures, and turning them into art.


A Chilean born self-taught artists, Jennifer has taken a diverse journey over the creativity map. From her early years she experimented with ceramic painting, clay modeling, jewelry making, clothes designing, sewing, cake decorating, and owing a craft store. Believing in fair trade, she pioneered an artist cooperative shop in Lafayette, New Jersey featuring local artists and artisans as well as fair trade items from around the world. Now she is dedicated full time to “painting with jewelry”.


Every artwork in the collection is handmade and designed by Jennifer. Each piece of jewelry is thoughtfully chosen, then carefully and gracefully placed to create a story. No two artworks are ever identical. 


Jennifer finds her inspiration in nature to create underwater life stories, gardens and landscapes in day and night scenes. She also gets inspired by the jewelry itself as she lets the pieces of jewelry tell her what they want to be. Some of the jewelry become faces, while others become trees or animals. Jennifer also also creates city skylines, embellished boxes, and desk accessories. 


Jennifer very much enjoys what she does and she hopes it shows in what she creates. She wants to inspire others to make earth friendly choices by purchasing art made with the environment in mind.